Company credit

Estravel offers its contractual business clients an interest free credit limit which is dependent on the frequency of business travel and the main destinations and is changed as required.

The term of payment of invoices is 7 to 21 days as agreed.

If you need a consultation or you wish to get answers to your questions promptly, contact your business client consultant on 626 6260.

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You can book business trips easily, quickly and safely at Estravel’s business client e-shop!
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Estravel is the largest travel agency in Estonia and the Baltic countries and has been active on the tourism market since 1988.
The strengths of Estravel are its good quality customer service, the high reliability of the company and its outstanding technological solutions.
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If you have chosen Estravel as your partner to arrange your business travel, you can be sure that our extensive experience, wide partner network and best professionals in the area of travel services are at your service.
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Along with the growth of all kinds of internet businesses, online sites selling various travel services have been increasing in popularity in recent year.
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