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Turkish Airlines deals on the selected destinations

We offer low-fare flights to many destinations worldwide. The flights are operated by Turkish Airlines, which is recognized as the best airline in Europe, and you will be able to book tickets for the trips until mid of December 2020.

The promotion will last until February 15, 2020.

The travel period is until December 15, 2020.

Discounted round-trip flight tickets from Tallinn

NB! Some low-cost airlines may occasionally advertise slightly cheaper base rates to some of the cities. But if you add to the price of a low-cost carrier all that Turkish Airlines includes (ie at least 30 kg of checked luggage, food and seat selection on four flights), the money spent on these additional services alone could significantly exceed the total cost of a European ticket for that offer.

Destination Price Extra info  
Belgrade, Serbia from 239 € +239 p
Bucharest, Romania from 239 € +239 p
Dubrovnik, Croatia from 239 € +239 p
Malta from 239 € +239 p
Sofia, Bulgaria from 239 € +239 p
Ljubljana, Slovenia from 249 € +249 p
Tbilisi, Georgia from 249 € +249 p
Baku, Azerbaijan from 299 € +299 p
Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel from 309 € +309 p
Beirut, Lebanon from 359 € +359 p
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates from 389 € +389 p
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from 409 € +409 p
Bangkok, Thailand from 519 € +519 p
Mumbai, India from 549 € +549 p
Phuket, Thailand from 579 € +579 p
Nairobi, Kenya from 639 € +639 p
Mauritius from 649 € +649 p
Colombo, Sri Lanka from 659 € +659 p
Taipei, Taiwan from 769 € +769 p
Cape Town, South Africa from 809 € +809 p

Extra services:

  • Most cities on the same continent can be combined (fly to one and return from the other). The total price will then be halves of each round-trip price added together.
  • In Istanbul, you can extend your layover (over 24h) at an extra cost of 20 €.

  • Turkish Airlines offers free overnight accommodation to passengers whose fastest connection between flights in Istanbul is more than 12 hours. NB! This does not apply if a faster connection exists, but due to the availability of seats or the preference of the traveler, an extended layover is selected. Please take a look at the next two points below!
  • Regarding some destinations (e.g. Baku, Bangkok, Dubai), there are connections that provide just slightly under 24 hours between flights in Istanbul. For instance, arriving in Istanbul in the evening and flying to Europe the following evening. Free overnight accommodation is not offered in this case, but there is an option to take a free city tour, which might offer good value to passengers. The tour program includes two meals and attraction tickets without a queue in addition to an English-speaking tour guide and transportation. Read more at www.istanbulinhours.com
  • Turkish Airlines also offers free 4-star hotel overnight accommodation in Istanbul including an extended layover at passenger’s request if the final destination is one of the cities listed. The offer does not apply if your destination is Azerbaijan or Georgia.

NB! Overnight accommodation and a guided tour cannot be booked in advance. After passport check, go to the Turkish Airlines Service Desk (Hotel Desk) to seek advice and book services.

However, if you wish to stay in Istambul overnight for free at your own request, you must book your hotel in advance. Hotel booking must be done at least 72 hours prior to the first flight departure.

Gold Card bonus

Visa requirements

View vaccination info from Board of Health

View additional info from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • The sales period is until February 15, 2020, and the travel period until December 15, 2020.
    The actual availability of places depends on the destination and the period, which may contain very large gaps. Lowest priced tickets are not available for the period of Christmas and New Year. You should be as flexible as possible with travel dates and buy tickets in advance.
    Traveler’s flexibility with dates is definitely an advantage and an overnight stay in Istanbul will in many cases improve the availability of seats.
  • The offer is valid for flights operated by Turkish Airlines with a connection in Istanbul. You can have an extended layover in Istanbul at an extra cost, see pricing for details. Staying in a transit city for less than 24 hours (e.g. overnight stays due to flight schedules) is not considered a stopover.
  • The minimum stay in the destination city is 3 nights (or one night between Saturday and Sunday) and the maximum trip length is 1 month.
  • All flight reservations must be confirmed at the time you purchase your tickets; dates cannot be left open.
  • After the tickets have been issued, they cannot be changed or canceled at the passenger’s request. Any changes in the dates will result in a penalty of €100 and additional Estravel’s service fee of €40 plus the price gap at the time of the change. The passenger’s name cannot be changed.
  • All Estravel’s general terms and conditions for airline ticket sales also apply.
  • NB! We recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover the cost of accidental cancellation or interruption of your trip, which KuldKaart holders get at a discounted price.
  • Prices ‘from’ relate to the seats available in the cheapest booking class. When the cheapest seats are almost sold out, it is possible to book higher-priority seats for an additional fee.
  • Prices are based on current exchange rates and include all taxes and extra charges as of February 5, 2020. Changes in taxes, extra charges and exchange rates during the offer validity period are possible and may result in a change of the final price of the flight ticket.
  • Children under the age of 2 who travel on a parent’s lap without a separate seat pay approximately 10% of a full ticket.
  • Children aged 2-11 get a 5-10% discount depending on the destination.

Turkish Airlines has been recognized as Europe’s best airline for six consecutive years. The company is widely praised as the one to provide exceptional service, and in the case of Turkish Airlines, there should be no feeling that an enticed with low-cost flight tickets passenger will be cashed extra. In particular, the allowed checked baggage rate per flight (which usually includes 4 flights for this offer) is truly generous.

An added value is the possibility of a free hotel stay or city tour in case of a long Istanbul transit (some Asian and African destinations can also offer free accommodation when you stop at your own request!). Istanbul, with its thousands of years of history, definitely deserves a longer stop. Did you know that it is the only city on our planet that is on two continents? Being on the spot lets you make the cheapest intercontinental journey of your life between the European and Asian parts of the city.

WARNING: Due to certain constraints linked to the low price, we do not recommend using it for business trips. The target group of the offer is rather private individuals and holiday travelers.

From the list of countries mentioned in the offer, Estonian citizens require a visa to South Africa.

Some of the countries mentioned in the offer are visa-free, some require a visa which you can either apply for at the border or get an online visa / electronic travel authorization for a short stay (the latter two may incur additional charges).

The majority of countries outside the European countries require a passport to be valid for at least six months after your trip finishes. It is also highly recommended to have a passport flying within Europe.

Although ID cards can be used to enter the EU countries, it should be taken into account that Turkish Airlines departs from the Schengen area at Tallinn Airport and passengers without a passport may encounter problems when crossing the border. Even if you are lucky to board a plane with an ID card, you will not be able to leave the transit zone in Istanbul. However, it also implies that, for example, a free overnight stay option due to a flight schedule cannot be used in this case.

Read more about visa requirements on the Estravel website.

Irrespective of the existence of a visa or travel authorization, the decision on whether or not each person is issued an allowance to enter the country is taken by the immigration officer of that country.

Successful border crossing requires sufficient financial resources, health insurance and accommodation booking confirmation, as well as the ability to clear up the aim of your trip.

Additional Information & Booking

To get more information about tickets or book a flight, contact a travel adviser at the sales office, email us at estravel@estravel.ee or book online at Estravel Air Tickets (please note that online booking prices may be slightly lower than here).

NB! The number of airline seats for flights at a reduced price is limited and in any case smaller than the number of available seats for the same flight. Cheap airfare always requires flexibility in travel dates.

Please note that the service fee will be added to the price. Estravel KuldKaart holders are exempt from the service fee for bookings over € 250.