Gold card

Gold card is Estravel’s loyalty card, that gives the owner different privileges like collecting bonus point, many discounts and special offers from nearly 200 partners in Estonia.


Our Gold clients will get up to 100% discount on reservation fees, discount on insurance policy etc.
List of service charges and discounts.

Estravel has nearly 200 partners in Estonia – restaurants, cafes, spas, stores, museums etc.
List of our partners (in Estonian).


Our Gold clients can collect bonus points on private travel orders (including online orders) and use them for different gift.
See all bonus gifts (in Estonian).

Ordering a plastic Gold Card

The normal price is 16 €, price with discount is 9 €*, for owners of ISIC card 3,20 € or free with a travel order over 200 €.
*discount for Estravel's customers, owners of Stockmann loyalty cards ect.

Contact us!

Phone: (+372) 626 6350

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Estravel is the largest travel agency in Estonia and the Baltic countries and has been active on the tourism market since 1988.
The strengths of Estravel are its good quality customer service, the high reliability of the company and its outstanding technological solutions.
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If you have chosen Estravel as your partner to arrange your business travel, you can be sure that our extensive experience, wide partner network and best professionals in the area of travel services are at your service.
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Along with the growth of all kinds of internet businesses, online sites selling various travel services have been increasing in popularity in recent year.
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