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If you are a contractual business customer of Estravel and need access to ExtraNet, please contact ariklientuur@estravel.ee


ExtraNet is a tool which gives you a good overview of all your company’s travel expenses and provides detailed statistics.
The ExtraNet software system with secure access allows you to view the following statements in real time:

  • invoice report and search for invoices by invoice number (invoices are active, ie you can click on the invoice immediately);
  • service-based travel report: an overview of travel services ordered by the customer during the selected period. A flight ticket report can be generated separately. If you need particularly detailed information, you can also specify the service provider, country and city in the report;
  • passenger report: passengers in the customer’s orders during the selected period. Passenger information can be extracted by name and in detail.

How to join?

Please fill in the subscription form below and you will be sent access by e-mail. If you have any questions, write to us: ariklientuur@estravel.ee or call 626 6260.

    Joining ExtraNet