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EXPO: a tour around the world in a couple of days


How to travel around the world in three days? It’s easy, come to EXPO! The World Expo takes place every five years. It is a unique place where every country takes you on a tour of the best sights they can offer. The World Expo will take place between October 20, 2020, – April 10, 2021, in a specially built complex; it will host 192 countries in total, all waiting for guests from morning until late at night.

A new district will be built for EXPO in Dubai, which will be connected to the city center by metro. The area is over 4 square kilometers or 613 football stadiums. Yes, I recommend putting on comfortable shoes as you will be up for a long walk!

This time the EXPO will be layered. The first most visible layer is for all of us, tourists and the second layer is for business, as Dubai is one of the world’s business capitals. The Estonian pavilion is built with exactly the same logic; the first floor will be open to all visitors keen on discovering the country, and the second floor is going to be the place for seminars and business meetings.

The Dubai EXPO will focus on innovation (WATCH THE VIDEO). All participants are going to show that they are the leading countries of the future, so visitors will witness the beauty and athletics competitions where everyone on the stage will tense their muscles and smile.

I have visited the Milan World Expo last time and I confirm that this experience is worth a visit. But Dubai is going to push it harder; the exhibition will place greater emphasis on muscles and smiles which has never been seen before.

Dubai is a city that knows neither borders nor fears. Everything that is done there is done big. Yes, there is the tallest house in the world, the police drive the Ferrari and the Lamborghini (actually, how else would you get a badass if not with the same type of vehicle), one scoop of Black Diamond ice cream costs 738 euros (yes, gold is there) and Burj Al Arab is a 7 star hotel…and who cares that stars officially end with 5 in the world, this hotel is (at least according to the owners) rated 7 stars!

Dubai leaves no one cold. The climate is certainly different, yet the main reason is the worldview that says everything is possible. Ideas are turned into a reality here! Artificial palm-shaped islands are built on the sea, which in turn are filled with houses. Perhaps, even nature spreads its hands over what is happening in Dubai.

The Estonian EXPO agency is very pleased to have Estravel as a partner and in cooperation, we have created the following travel package: Trip to the United Arab Emirates for EXPO 2020 Dubai!

Mart Normet,
Member of the Estonian Representation Team in Dubai EXPO 2020

What is EXPO?

The World Expo is one of the oldest and biggest events on the planet. Every five years, a city takes its turn to host the occasion, which lasts six months at a time and invites every country in the globe to take part in showcasing the best of what they have to offer. 192 country pavilions will be set up.

Where is the EXPO?

The EXPO 2020 takes place in Dubai, one of the world’s most important business cities.

When is EXPO?

The World Expo will start on October 20, 2020 and last 173 days up to April 10, 2021.

How can I go to EXPO?

Tickets will go on sale in April 2020.