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In Estravel, you will be able to pay for your trip by installments without a contract fee!

The installment contract allows you to use a credit of € 150 to € 4,000 for a travel service within six months.

The installment period is 12 months, but you can pay off your loan more quickly if you wish which will save you interest.

This is a financial service, please read the Terms and Conditions of the financial service here or at Estravel’s office and consult with a travel adviser if necessary. Installment is a financial obligation.

Information about credit terms: Credit interest is16% of outstanding balance (fixed). There is no contract fee. The service price increase is 8.88% (12 month refund period). The annual percentage of the charge rate is 17.31%. The installment provider is Estravel AS, pursuant to activity license no 4.1-1 / 40 issued by the Financial Supervision Authority.

FOR INSTANCE: Installment amount 150 €, maturity date 1 year, number of monthly installments 12, installment amount 13.61 €, contract fee 0 €, total installment cost and repayment amount at the end of the period 163.32 €. The total price increase of the service is 13,32 € or 8,88%. The price of the travel service if immediately paid 150 €.

Installment calculator

Period: 12 months, interest: 16%, ARPC: 17,31%

Why buy in installments?

  • Travel immediately! Hire-purchase also gives you the opportunity to travel when there is no immediate funding available to finance the entire trip – for example if you find a bargain travel offer that is only valid for a very short time.

  • Estravel hire-purchase is a worthy option at a good price! Compared to quick loans and small loans, Estravel installments are offered at a favorable price. Installment maturity is 1 year, deposit is 0% and the fixed interest rate on the balance of the installment is 16% per year. The contract fee is 0 €, other fees are not included. After the contract is signed you may not use your credit and you will not have to pay anything. However, if you use your credit, the actual increase in the cost of the service you purchase over a year contract period is less than 8.9%. P.S. You only pay interest on the part you actually use, not on the full limit. If you change your mind and don’t use credit at all, you won’t have any expenses either!

  • Flexible contract. Hire-purchase can be used within six months of the conclusion of the credit agreement. The credit facility is not linked to a specific purchase. First, you need to apply for a credit limit, then you can start looking for a suitable trip or waiting for a good deal. The credit may also be unused because there are no contract or limit fees.

NB! It is not possible to pay in installments for flight tickets in the Estravel’s online store.