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Estravel Loyalty Card (Kuldkaart)

Kuldkaart is Estravel’s loyalty card that instantly gives you access to nearly 200 affiliate offers. You will also earn bonus points that can be exchanged for travel services or converted to Finnair Plus points.


Our Gold clients will get up to 100% discount on reservation fees, discounts on insurance, etc.
List of service charges and discounts.

Estravel has nearly 200 partners in Estonia – restaurants, cafes, spas, stores, museums, etc.
List of our partners (in Estonian).


Our Gold clients can collect bonus points on private travel orders (including online orders) and use them for different gifts.
See all bonus gifts (in Estonian).

Ordering a plastic Gold Card

    The normal price is 16 €, price with discount is 9 €*.
    *discount for Estravel's customers, owners of Stockmann loyalty cards ect.

    Contact us at:

    E-mail: kuldkaart@estravel.ee
    Phone: (+372) 626 6350