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Gold Card rules

General information

1. The gold card is a private customer-based unlimited customer card with extended functions. The Gold Card is provided by Estravel AS, registry code 10325720, address Suur-Karja 15 Tallinn, 10140 Harju County. E-mail kuldkaart@estravel.ee, phone +372 6 266 350. The Gold Card customer service is available by contacting Estravel using the above contact details.

Gold card is a plastic card with a specially designed standard-size magnetic strip or a mobile loyalty card that can be downloaded to the phone from the mTasku application with the following electronic information on the cardholder:

  • first and last name;
  • card number encoded with the cardholder’s personal 5- or 6-digit customer number;
  • bonus points (mobile card only).

2. Purpose of the Gold Card:

  • to give the cardholder benefits in selective travel services at Estravel’s offices;
  • to collect bonus points automatically for each of the cardholder’s purchases in Estravel, which can be used later for bonus premiums;
  • to identify the cardholder’s customer number when placing an order with Estravel;
  • to give the cardholder benefits and added value in selective high-level trade and service companies all over Estonia.

Issuance of the Gold Card

1. The Gold Card is issued to all applicants who have submitted a duly completed application and by submitting the application have confirmed the following conditions:

  • the card applicant is a person of at least 14 years of age. In cases provided by law, the consent of the legal representative of the cardholder must be in place for the transaction until they reach adulthood;
  • in exceptional cases, customers will be issued a plastic card for which the card issuance fee stated on the invoice has been paid;
  • the cardholder’s e-mail address will be included in the list of the Estravel AS newsletter recipients;
  • the Mobile Loyalty Card is equivalent to a plastic card.

2. The initial fee for issuing the Gold Card with magnetic stripe is €16 (including VAT), 9 € upon card extension. The fee is based on the actual costs involved in the production and distribution system of the card. The mobile loyalty card can be downloaded FREE of charge from the mTasku application.

3. The following customers have the right to request a Gold Card with a magnetic strip at a discounted price:

  • employees, etc. of a company or organisation that has concluded a frequent customer agreement with credit rights;
  • Holders of Stockmann customer cards, who submit their customer card number in the application;
  • Contractual business partners of Estravel.

4. The discount rate for issuing a Gold Card with magnetic strips mentioned in the previous section is €9 (incl VAT), unless otherwise provided in the cooperation agreement.

5. Estravel reserves the right not to accept the Gold Card application if it does not meet these conditions or is not in accordance with the law.

6. Magnetic stripe Gold Card is usually issued within 4 weeks upon receipt of the application and sent to the address provided by the customer.

7. Estravel has the right to send a weekly newsletter to the Gold Card holder. If the customer wishes to do so, he or she can opt out of the newsletter by using the link at the footer of the letter.

The use of the Gold Card

1. The Gold Card is registered to one person and third parties are not allowed to use it.

2. Card discounts apply to all persons (unless otherwise specified) who use the same service at the same time as the Cardholder (or purchase goods from the same place) provided that the payment is made by the Cardholder him or herself for all of his/her companions, unless otherwise stated on the website.

3. The Gold Card is not a credit card or a payment card.

4. The Gold Card does not confer any proprietary rights or powers on the owner on behalf of Estravel, nor does it confer any other terms or arrangements that these regulations or the written information subsequently submitted by Estravel does not contain.

5. Estravel has concluded an agreement with selected commercial and service companies, allowing Gold Club cardholders to receive contractually agreed (published) discounts on the regular prices of goods/services provided. Estravel is not liable to the Gold Card holder for any material and/or moral damages if the provider refuses to allow the agreed discount for whatever reasons.

6. To receive a discount at a trade/service company, the cardholder must identify himself or herself as a Gold Card holder before the service provider has prepared an invoice/order confirmation for the item/service purchased.

7. Estravel must be informed about the loss, destruction or theft of a plastic card. Estravel will replace the cardholder’s Gold Card on favourable terms on the basis of a client application.

8. When submitting an order to Estravel, the Gold Card holder must identify himself or herself by name and customer number, which ensures the collection of bonus points and their subsequent usability.

9. If the Gold Card holder receives an order confirmation and/or invoice from Estravel, he or she must check that it has been issued to his or her name and customer number. If there is a discrepancy in the name and the customer number, the cardholder must immediately inform his or her travel consultant. In case the corrections are not made, the bonus points that have been added to the purchase cannot be credited to the customer’s account.

10. Every €1 (one euro) per Estravel invoice paid by the cardholder gives 1 (one) bonus point that will be collected on the cardholder’s account. Points will not be given on travel products bought from cheap online discount portals belonging to or operated by Estravel (sky24.ee, laevapiletid.ee etc.).

11. Distribution and adding Gold Card bonus points to the cardholder’s account is described in more detail here.

12. Bonus points will be credited to the cardholder’s account after payment of the invoice, at the latest at the time of the trip. Bonus points are constantly visible when logging in to a customer account or on a mobile loyalty card.

13. Rewards that can be redeemed using bonus points are available on the Estravel home page.

14. Estravel deletes the cardholder’s bonus points if the cardholder does not pay his or her debt to Estravel in the course of the additional term given by Estravel.

15. Bonus points collected by cardholder purchases are valid and can be used up to one (1) year from collection date. Points expire after one year. It is not possible to use expired points and they will be deleted. If the Gold Card is not extended upon expiry, the bonus points expire one (1) month after the expiration of the card.

16. You can see the bonus account in real time “Minu konto” (My Account) system or on a mobile loyalty card in real time.

17. Bonus points do not have a cash equivalent value and are not subject to loan or transfer under any grounds. Bonus points are the property of Estravel AS, and the cardholder can obtain a right to use the points when complying with these rules/conditions.

18. Estravel is entitled to unilaterally amend these terms and conditions and the rules for the processing of personal data. Estravel will notify of changes to these Terms and Personal Data Processing Rules on our website www.estravel.ee/gold-card. If the cardholder disagrees with the changes, he or she must inform Estravel about it within one calendar month of making the changes and/or return the magnetic strip Gold Card. The cardholder who does not accept the changes does not have the right to use the Gold Card. If the client has not submitted a notification within one month and/or returned the magnetic strip Gold Card, it is deemed that he or she has agreed to the terms.

19. Legal issues related to the Gold Card are subject to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. In case of non-compliance of the service, the consumer is entitled to use the solutions provided by law. In extra-judicial proceedings, complaints are handled by the Consumer Disputes Commission at Pronksi 12, 10117 Tallinn, Harju County. E-mail avaldus@komisjon.ee.

20. If the service fails to meet the established conditions or promises given, Estravel must be informed immediately. If immediate notification is not possible or if no solution is found on the spot, a claim must be submitted as soon as possible but not later than seven (7) days after the occurrence of the incident. The claim must be submitted by e-mail to kuldkaart@estravel.ee and/or the Estravel postal address. Complaints must be accompanied by evidence of service non-compliance, and documents on additional costs and damage incurred.