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Travel insurance

Travel insurance is an important part of a carefree holiday. To avoid additional costs in unexpected situations, we always recommend that you buy travel interruption insurance with your trip. Kui reisid sageli, tagab pikaajalise meelerahu aastane korduvreisikindlustuse poliis.


NEW! Advantages of buying Estravel-Salva travel insurance:

  • The coverage of COVID-19 disease in health insurance. Policy covers medical treatment costs (costs on diagnosis, medications, hospital treatment) related to COVID-19 disease (including mutations and variations of COVID-19) up to the amount of health insurance coverage specified in the contract (maximum up to 200 000 euros). In case the Insured is quarantined abroad extra accommodation and flight ticket costs are covered up to 2000 euros – providing COVID-19 disease has been medically confirmed. Insurance cover also extends to existing contracts.
  • The coverage of COVID-19 disease in travel interruption. Travel cancellation is covered in case the Insured has been diagnosed COVID-19 disease in Estonia before the trip and therefore travelling is contraindicated. Insurance cover also extends to existing contracts.
  • Health insurance up to 1,000,000 euros. Insurance cover selected for a health insurance policy can amount up to 1000 000 EUR. This is the limit of indemnification for the losses related to a sickness or an accident. The chosen sum insured is applicable to a single person insured. In case of a sickness or an accident, an insured person may seek treatment from the most suitable medical facility, including a private hospital.

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Kindlustusjuhtumid, mille puhul sõltuvalt valitud kindlustuskatetest kulud hüvitatakse, on järgmised:

  • unexpected illness of the passenger or his family member;
  • missed a connecting flight due to weather conditions;
  • cancellation of a public event for the purpose of the trip;
  • changes in the airline’s schedule (NB! In particular, take into account long-term travel and the use of separate tickets!);
  • the cost of treatment for an illness or accident which began during the journey;
  • terrorism or natural disaster;
  • airline strike or bankruptcy.

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