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The Estravel travel goods store Reisikaubad.ee is designed for travel enthusiasts, business travelers and anyone else planning a trip. Here you can find any kind of travel goods and essentials from a durable and innovative suitcase to a sun cream or a book about your dream destination.

Our travel goods shop at Suur-Karja 15 is now opened monday to friday 10:00–16:00. 


Electronic goods wholesaler Sandmani Grupp, MATKaSPORT, the luggage supplier Gasell, Knutsson AS, Rahva Raamat, Tradehouse, Boomerang and Omniva are the partners of Reisikaubad. In addition to travel goods, at Reisikaubad, you can purchase and redeem Estravel Gift Vouchers. Estravel Gift Vouchers are valid for a long period of time: up to 30 months from the time they are issued. As of September 2018, Reisikaubad.ee has received the “Secure shopping” trust mark issued by the Estonian E-Commerce Association.