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Service Charges and Booking Fees

Estravel Group AS service charges and booking fees as of January  01, 2024.

Discounts for Estravel Loyalty Program members (KuldKaart and PlatinumKaart holders):

  • 50% off the booking fee in the Estravel sales office
  • 100% off the booking fee for international travels (for orders from €250)
  • 100% off the booking fee for domestic travels within Estonia (for orders from €150)

Both the current card holders and new KuldKaart users can download the mobile KuldKaart for free and add it to their mTasku app.

NB! There is no booking fee on flights booked online through Estravel’s website.

There are different discounts available for corporate business clients. For more information on discounts, please contact Estravel Business Customer Service at ariklientuur@estravel.ee.

Reservation fees

Reservation fees Normal price Price for
frequent customer
Price in
Reservation of airline ticket, package tours, cruise, car rental, railway tickets or transfers, including sightseeings and special programs 25 € 15 € 7500 BP
Reservation of hotel accommodation 20 € 11 € 6000 BP
Reservatin of bus tickets 10 € 6 € 3000 BP
Reservation of additional travel-related services (prearranged seats in aircraft, special meals, etc) 20 € 20 € 6000 BP

Reservation fee covers travel agency’s expenses related to use of computerised reservation systems or communication facilities. It is charged once for all services of similar type that appear on the same invoice.

Rebooking and Cancellation Fees

Rebooking and Cancellation Fees Normal price Price in
Cancellation or change of an unpaid reservation from 2nd instance (first change free of charge) 20 € 6000 BP
Cancellation of a flight ticket, cruise package or package tour purchased from Estravel 30 € 9000 BP
Reissue of an a flight ticket, cruise package or package tour bought in Estravel 50 € 15000 BP
Change or cancellation of issued or fully paid ferry ticket 8 € 2400 BP
Change or cancellation of issued or fully paid hotel accomodation, cruise, package tour, car rental, railway ticket including reissue of invoice and copy of travel document 20 € 6000 BP
Invoice reregistration and a back-dated issue of a copy of a travel document 20 € 6000 BP
Reissue of previously issued gift cards 12 € 3600 BP

NB! Cancellations and changes of travel services always depend on conditions set forth by actual travel provider and availability of seats. The cancellation fee is also applied if the travel service of the travel provider is cancelled due to the circumstances beyond Estravel’s control. Possible penalties and fees imposed by travel providers are additional. Estravel service fee is charged separately for each travel document or booking changed or cancelled. Please note that cancellations or changes of special rate tickets might not be supported by all service providers.

Other Fees

Other Fees Normal price Price in
Additional charge for orders submitted outside office hours, during official holidays or less than 24hrs before commencement of travel same amount as reservation fee for similar service ask travel consultant
Pre-travel advice* 30 € 9000 BP
Consultation fee (charged in connection with special orders)** 50 €/hour 15 000 BP
Foreign bank transaction 42 € 12 600 BP
Administering of group reservations on special arrangement ask travel consultant
Handling of services or products bought on Estravel e-shop at Estravel offices*** except paying the full amount with gift card 6 € 1800 BP

*The service includes information on the country of destination and transit and various airlines.
The information is valid on the day of issue. Estravel does not guarantee the accuracy of subsequent information in the event of countries or airlines changing the conditions of entry or boarding without prior notice.

**The consultation fee is applied for a more extensive and personalized trip. Among other things, the purpose of the consultation fee is to provide an advisory service to those who seek the assistance of an experienced travel consultant in planning a trip or information on services / products purchased outside of Estravel.

A travel consultant is entitled to a consultation fee for their contribution of time, for example, if:

  • a trip consists of more than five different components. Components include airline tickets, accommodation, ship tickets, train tickets, excursions, etc.;
  • a client requests very detailed information about the destination, various attractions or hotels;
  • a client requests information on products not provided by Estravel or not purchased with Estravel’s assistance;
  • a client is planning a special event trip (wedding, world tour, etc.).

The consultation fee is treated as a prepayment and is deducted from the final price of the travel booking.

***At Estravel sales office, you can pay the e-invoice only in cash or with Estravel gift voucher.


Delivery of documents

Delivery of documents Normal price Price in
Delivery of travel documents (outside normal service hours on special arrangement) according to the service provider\\\\\\\'s price list, but not less than 12 € 3600 BP

Transaction fee (included in sales price of service)

Transaction fee (included in sales price of service) Normal price
Travel agency\'s work at examining and offering travel possibilities, accounting with travel providers, acceptance of seller\\\'s liability min up to 15% of the corresponding service from the sale price (min. 15 € sales contract for non-owning producers) 15 €
Registration service per passenger for Aurinkomatkat OY travel packages and airline tickets 40 € (children under 2 years, no fee)

Service fee is not reimbursed in case of cancellation or changes to your package holiday or flights!

Visa service charges

Visa service charges
Tourist Card of Cuba 20 €/card