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Nine other advantages, in addition to the Best Hotel Price Guarantee (BHPG)

Why is purchasing a hotel accommodation from Estravel more beneficial to you in comparison with using a foreign online-agency?
Read about the advantages that you gain in addition to the Best Hotel Price Guarantee:

  • Travel assistance 24/7 in your home language

If your plans change, or if you encounter any accommodation related problems, you will always receive help by calling our round-the-clock call centre, located in the City Centre of Tartu. Estravel is the only hotel agency in Estonia that offers 24/7 professional and multilingual service.

  • Money remains in Estonia

You are a patriot? So are we. This is why it is good to know that if you buy accommodation from an Estonian company, the agency commission paid by the hotels will also be received in Estonia. However, if you place an order through a foreign agency (such as booking.com), the price you pay will remain exactly the same, but Estonia will not get a single cent from this transaction. The agency commission, which could come to Estonia, goes to Greece or the United States instead, since agencies are often registered there. This is why Estonia loses millions of euros each year, which could instead be used to create jobs and pay taxes.

  • Trustworthy partner

Companies come and go, especially in the vast expanses of the Internet. Estravel, however, has been the leading travel agency in Estonia for 30 years already, with respectable financial results and a safe ownership background. We are subject to not just one, but three compulsory audits every year: (a) an international auditing company inspects our accounting, (b) the Financial Supervision Authority inspects our conformity to all laws, and (c) American Express inspects our data and money transfer security. This is radically different from other hotel agencies or travel agencies, who are not exactly glowing when it comes to transparency.

  • National consumer protection

If you buy from a foreign agency or directly from a foreign hotel, then you should take into account that you are not protected by the Estonian Consumer Protection Act. The Consumer Protection Authority of the relevant country will also not help you, if you are not a resident there. In the event of any potential disputes, you have the “opportunity” to seek recourse in the host country’s court (!) … However, by buying from Estravel, you can be sure that all of your consumer rights are always protected and guaranteed, without you having to make any extra efforts or payments for this.

  • Flexible and combined payment methods

Do not want to or cannot pay by card? Need an official invoice for a third person who will pay for you? Not a problem. Estravel will always provide you with an invoice for every purchase you make, which you can pay using different payment methods, including regular bank transfer on the basis of the invoice, e-invoice, online bank link to all Estonian banks, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, all debit cards, PayPal payment, and the Estravel gift card. You can also combine different payment methods to pay one invoice. In addition, several different people may jointly pay one invoice, with each person paying their agreed upon amount.

  • Risk-free card payments

When using foreign websites, you never know where your credit card data will end up. This risk even applies to some hotels. Estravel’s payment systems, however, are certified by Estonian banks, card data is not stored by Estravel, and your security is guaranteed.

  • The most affordable hire-purchase in Estonia

Estravel is the only hotel agency, flight agency and travel agency in Estonia that has obtained a creditor’s activity licence from the Financial Supervision Authority. This recognition allows us to provide affordable hire-purchase on account of our own resources, without having to resort to third parties. For you, this means significant savings on the interest rate and borrowing costs compared to a typical small loan. Our clients are even exempt from a contract fee. Keeping the credit limit currently not being used is also free of charge.

  • Loyalty cards and bonus points

Estravel’s Gold Card has been one of the most popular loyalty programs in Estonia for 22 years already, and it has won numerous awards. You can now sign up for a Gold Card or a virtual mobile Gold Card free of charge. As the owner of this Card, you earn bonus points for all travel services purchased from Estravel, which you can exchange for Finnair Plus points at an exchange rate of 1:1, or use them to purchase services and goods from Estravel. In addition, you will also receive discounts on, or exemptions from, Estravel’s service fees. You can also get price discounts when making purchases at any of our hundreds of partner companies (stores, restaurants, etc.).