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Donate Estravel bonus points to charity

In 2020, Estravel will donate collected over half a year funds to the nonprofit organization Noored Kooli to help organize an Estonian language immersion summer camp in Narva. The project is aimed at young people of Ida-Viru county and will be implemented in June.

“At Estravel, we believe that it is necessary to help the outermost regions of Estonia, or so-called vulnerable regions, and for the second year in a row, we choose a project that will help regions remote from Tallinn to do better,” said Estravel Marketing Director Airi Ilisson. That is why Estravel decided this year to support a city camp in the framework of the Youth School program with up to 400 students from different schools in the Narva region. The camp focuses on practicing the Estonian language, in addition to developing communication skills, cooperation and other things necessary for life in project learning.

For every travel service booked through estravel.ee/en/vacation-in-estonia Estravel will donate € 5 to charity.

You can do good by donating your Kuldkaart’s or Platinum Card’s bonus points to charity.

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In 2019, Estravel supported Hiiumaa babies!

The funds raised were used to purchase a portable resuscitation table for the babies born in the Maternity Department of Hiiumaa Hospital in Kärdla. The charity campaign ran from March 1 to December 31, 2019.

Read more about the campaign here. See the gallery for the resuscitation table delivery.