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Platinum Club rules

The Platinum Club plastic card is a free customer card that Estravel will issue according to its criteria for its best customers as a symbol of a good customer relationship.

General information about Platinum Club card

The Platinum Club customer card is an expanded customer card for Estravel AS’s top customers.
The Platinum Club card is valid for 3 years and can be obtained both as a mobile card and as a plastic card. Technically speaking, the Platinum Club plastic card has a specially designed standard-size magnetic strip with the following information on the cardholder both electronically and in relief letters:

  • first and last name;
  • card number encoded with the cardholder’s personal 5- or 6-digit customer number from Estravel’s central customer base;
  • card expiration date (month and year).

Purpose of Platinum Club card

  • to secure the cardholder’s personal service at Estravel’s special Platinum Club Service Department platinum@estravel.ee or at their travel advisor;
  • to give the cardholder benefits and added value in selective travel services at Estravel’s offices;
  • to collect bonus points automatically for each of the cardholder’s purchases in Estravel, which can be used later for bonus premiums;
  • for use as a prerequisite for participating in exclusive customer service projects;
  • to give the cardholder benefits and added value in selective high-level trade and service companies all over Estonia.

Rules for using the Platinum Club card

1. The Platinum Club card is registered to one person and third parties are not allowed to use it.

2. Card discounts apply to all persons (unless otherwise specified) who use the same service at the same time as the Cardholder (or purchase goods from the same place) provided that the payment is made by the Cardholder him or herself for all of his/her companions.

3. The Platinum Club Card is not a credit card or a payment card.

4. Estravel has concluded an agreement with selected commercial and service companies, allowing Platinum Club cardholders to receive discounts on the regular prices of goods/services provided. Estravel is not liable to the Cardholder for any material and/or moral damages if the provider refuses to allow the agreed discount for whatever reasons. Estravel will do its best to ensure that the Platinum Club members can always use all of the promotional discounts.

5. Platinum Club cardholders are also subject to receive all the benefits of Gold Cardholders. In addition, Platinum Club cardholders have been awarded special discounts and additional benefits.

6. After Platinum Club card has been issued, the cardholder will start receiving Platinum Club newsletters by e-mail. It is also possible to opt out of the newsletter.

7. Entry into the Tallinn Airport Business Class Lounge with the Platinum Club card also requires a flight ticket purchased at Estravel (printed e-ticket printing or mobile boarding card must be presented on-site). Free access to the Tallinn Airport Business Class Lounge applies only to cardholders. A free visit to the Lounge is not applicable for domestic flights.

8. The replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged card is made based on a written application submitted by the cardholder. Platinum Club card is not automatically extended. The extension will be decided separately for each card.

9. If the Platinum Club cardholder is a traveller but the customer (payer) indicated on the order is a legal entity (business trips), the bonus points associated with the order will automatically be added to the cardholder’s personal bonus points account. Estravel must be notified about opting out of automatic point collection by sending a message at platinum@estravel.ee.

10. Automatic reassignment of bonus credits for business trips is not done, if:

  • the customer/legal entity has banned this transaction for its orders;
  • the same order has other passengers in addition to the cardholder requesting the bonus points.
  • On-line orders, where the invoice is formalised on the company’s name do not receive bonus points automatically; to collect points please email kuldkaart@estravel.ee

11. Every €1 per final order made by the cardholder via Estravel offices gives 1 bonus point that will be collected on the subscribing cardholder’s account. Platinum Club card bonus point collection is described in more detail here.

12. The Platinum Club Cardholder can use the bonus points accumulated on his or her account to redeem the bonuses promoted on Estravel’s website.

13. Bonus points are valid up to 1 year from collection date. If the Platinum Club card is not extended upon expiry, the bonus points expire one month after the expiration of the card.

14. You can see the bonus account in real time “Minu konto” (My Account) system. When bonus points are used, the point balance will be reduced irreversibly.

15. Bonus points do not have a cash equivalent value and are not subject to exchange, refund, transfer, donation, sale, etc. Points are the property of Estravel AS, and the cardholder can obtain a right to use the points in case of compliance with these rules.

16. These rules and their possible revisions and amended versions as well as other information about Platinum Club are available at www.estravel.ee/platinum. In the case of a discrepancy between this text and the web text, priority is always given to the latest version of the web text.

17. Estravel reserves the right to make changes to the Platinum Club rules without giving prior notification to cardholders.