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Terms and Conditions of Sales of e-shop Accommodation Services

These sales terms and conditions of accommodation services is an integral annex to the Terms of Use of Website.

In the case of any discrepancies between theTerms of Use of Website and these terms and conditions, the latter shall prevail. In the case of any discrepancies between these terms and conditions and the Service Provider’s pricing rules or special terms and conditions, the latter shall prevail.

1. General provisions

1.1. Upon purchasing accommodation services, the client shall enter into a contract with the accommodation establishment. In these terms and conditions the accommodation establishment shall be referred to as the Service Provider. Pursuant to the contract, the accommodation establishment shall be obliged to provide to the client the services specified in the order confirmation. The client shall be obliged to follow the terms and conditions of the provision of accommodation services and the rules of the accommodation establishment.

1.2. If it is important for the client that the basic features of the accommodation services and/or the accommodation establishment correspond to certain specific conditions, such as regional position, location or distance from another object, level of quality, additional services, etc., which are not available as standard services on the web page, the accommodation service cannot be booked via the website, but the client should contact the client support of Estravel with the booking wish. Otherwise it is not possible to make sure that the desired services are in conformity and available.

2. Basic features of accommodation services

2.1. The classification system of accommodation establishments is different by countries and regions. The stars marking the classification of an accommodation establishment are used for symbolising the general quality, service level, diversity of additional services, catering level, etc. Classification may differ according to the categorisation requirements established by the authorities of the country or region and the efficiency of supervision. Therefore, the number of stars may not guarantee the quality of the service. Accommodation establishments belonging to the same category may be of very different quality in different countries. For example, a 3-star hotel in Paris or London may not have the traditional lobby, a lift in a multi-storeyed building, and the rooms might be small, depreciated and without a mini bar and TV. Scandinavian 3-star hotels, however, usually have all the abovementioned features.

2.2. Accommodation establishments usually provide the opportunity to choose between the following rooms:
2.2.1. single room – contains one single bed. Suitable for one person;
2.2.2. twin room – room with separate beds, contains two single beds in one room. Suitable for two persons;
2.2.3. double room – contains one double bed, but may also contain two separate single beds. Suitable for two persons;
2.2.4. triple room – contains two single beds or one double bed and an extra bed or two double beds. In triple rooms there are usually no separate full-sized beds for each person. Suitable for accommodating three persons;
2.2.5. twin room for sole use – contains two single or one double bed in the same room used by one person;
2.2.6. quad room – contains two double beds or four single beds in one room. Two single beds may be extra beds and thus not full-sized. Suitable for four adults;
2.2.7. twin/double + child – double room and extra bed. Contains two single or one double beds in a room with an extra bed suitable for a child;
2.2.8. cot/cradle/crib – suitable for accommodating a child younger than 2 years of age.

2.3. In the hotels of certain areas, such as the United States and Canada, it is generally not possible to book bed types for a double room in advance. In the United States and Canada single rooms usually have one bed and double rooms have either one large bed or two separate beds, but the precise number of beds cannot be booked in advance.

2.4. In hotels clients can carefully decide between the rooms with different comfort standards. The basic features of the conform classes of the rooms mainly used are as follows:
2.4.1. Economy – the cheapest rooms in the price range. May be located in the basement level of the accommodation establishment; these rooms might not have a balcony or a window or they have a limited view. There might also be the noise of elevators, heating or cooling devices. Economy rooms may also be in accommodation establishments that are more expensive in their price range;
2.4.2. Standard – a room with average equipment level and comfort;
2.4.3. Superior – a room with average equipment level and comfort, bigger than a standard room;
2.4.4. Deluxe – a room with an above-average equipment level and comfort;
2.4.5. Suite – a large room with an above-average equipment level and comfort, a resting area or separate rooms.

2.5. Unless specified otherwise, accommodation prices per room include a bath or shower and breakfast.

2.6. The photos on the web page of an accommodation establishment about the establishment or rooms are illustrative and may not comply with the actual situation.

2.7. Free additional services, such as rooms for non-smokers, rooms located next to each other, higher or lower, do not constitute a part of the accommodation services contract and are not ensured to the client by the accommodation establishment.

2.8. If children are not enabled a cheaper price, the adult price is subject to payment for the child as well.

2.9. Possible fees for the services ordered when staying at an accommodation establishment, such as catering, drinks, extra bed for child, communications services, laundry, energy or tourism fees, must be paid directly in the accommodation establishment.

3. Purchasing accommodation services

3.1. Upon purchasing accommodation services, the client must make a reservation and purchase the service pursuant to the instructions given on the web page. The web page contains links, which the client can click in order to view respective terms and conditions and more specific information available about the accommodation establishment, incl. its location and description.

3.2. The accommodation service provided in the confirmed order can only be used by the person whose name has been specified in the order confirmation of the accommodation service. Confirmed orders cannot be transferred.

3.3. Please view the service fees of the Service Providers and Estravel, incl. amending and annulation fees, when making the reservation. The price list of Estravel has been given here.

4. Checking in and checking out of accommodation establishment

4.1. Generally accommodation establishments enable the client to check in and hand over the room between 2–6 p.m. Clients are obliged to arrive at the reception of an accommodation establishment or inform the accommodation establishment of their late arrival at the time determined for check-in. If the client does not arrive at the accommodation establishment at the time specified above or inform the accommodation establishment of their late arrival, the accommodation establishment has the right to unilaterally annul the client’s reservation. In the latter case, the fee already paid by the client is subject to repayment pursuant to the terms and conditions of the accommodation establishment and Estravel.

4.2. The client must be at least 18 years old to make a reservation or check into an accommodation establishment. People younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult when checking in. There are areas where the age required for checking in is higher, e.g. in Las Vegas the minimum age is 21.

4.3. For checking in, the client must submit a travel document and order confirmation. Irrespective of whether the accommodation service is paid for or not, the accommodation establishment may require that the client either provide a credit card number or deposit a certain cash amount before the accommodation service is rendered to the client. This way the accommodation establishment guarantees the payment of additional services used.

4.4. Checking out on the day of departure usually takes place between 10–12 a.m., depending on the accommodation establishment. Later check out is considered an additional service, which is only possible if free rooms are available and is usually provided for an extra fee.

5. Special cases of providing accommodation services

5.1. Repair work is occasionally carried out in accommodation establishments. The establishment tries to disturb clients as little as possible with repair work, but it isn’t always possible. Even if the client has been informed of repair work, the time it is carried out can change, so neither the accommodation establishment nor Estravel assumes any financial liability for price discounts or compensating damages due to the inconveniences caused by repair work. If the client wants to be sure that no repair work is done in the accommodation establishment during his/her stay, he/she must contact the travel agency’s travel consultant instead of using the website to make the reservation.

5.2. Considering the cancellations made directly before the provision of accommodation services, accommodation establishments sometimes make overbookings, i.e. book a few rooms twice. Such overbookings may cause situations where the client has a valid booking, but upon checking in it appears that there are no vacancies due to double bookings. In such an event the accommodation establishment is obliged to accommodate the client in an accommodation establishment of similar standards located in the same settlement or region. In such an event the client has the right to request that the accommodation establishment compensates for the transportation costs necessary for travelling to the other accommodation establishment. Estravel is not liable for compensating for any damages arising from overbookings made by accommodation establishments.

6. Amendment and cancellation of confirmed orders

6.1. The amendment and cancellation of confirmed orders is related to a time limit. The client has the right to amend or cancel a confirmed order in conformity with the terms and conditions made available upon making the order, whereby the specified service charge must be paid.

6.2. If the terms and conditions enable the client to amend or cancel the reservation for free or under favourable terms, the client must remember or note down the respective date himself. Upon arrival of the term, the client will not be sent a respective reminder.

6.3. In order to determine whether the confirmed order can be amended or cancelled you should use the contact details specified in the Terms of Use of Website. Upon amending or cancelling a confirmed order a service charge will be applied.

6.4. If the amendment or cancellation has been made without the mediation of Estravel, the latter shall not have any liabilities arising thereof.

6.5. If the client wants to amend or cancel the accommodation service in part or in full when already in the accommodation establishment, they must ask for a document signed by the reception manager of the accommodation establishment. In this document the accommodation establishment must confirm withdrawing from the charges for the period the accommodation services are not used. Only the existence of a respective document provides a basis for the application of a repayment from the accommodation establishment for the accommodation services not used. Repayment presumes the client having the document described above and payment of the former amount to Estravel by the accommodation establishment.

7. Jurisdiction

7.1. The contract entered into between Estravel and the client related to purchasing accommodation services shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia; court actions are subject to resolution in Harju County Court.

7.2. The contract for the provision of accommodation services entered into between the client and the Service Provider or the accommodation establishment shall be governed by the laws of the country specified by the accommodation establishment or international law.

8. Liability

8.1. The accommodation establishment shall be liable for the validity of pre-contract information and possible sales promises, and for proper provision of accommodation services. Estravel shall not be liable for the accommodation establishment withdrawing from its sales promise or changing the service price or conditions. Similarly to the previous point, Estravel shall not be liable if the accommodation establishment decides to suspend or terminate the provision of services unannounced.

8.2. Accommodation establishments reserve the right to refuse servicing the client and unilaterally cancel a confirmed order, if the client’s behaviour is inappropriate or illegal or it causes danger or inconveniences to other clients or their assets. In the latter case, the client who purchased the service does not have the right of repayment for the services not used or other compensation. If the accommodation establishment or Estravel must bear expenses due to the client’s inappropriate or illegal behaviour, the client shall be obliged to compensate the accommodation establishment or Estravel for the respective expenses.

8.3. Estravel is not a party to the contract for providing accommodation services and shall not compensate the client for the damages, incl. those arising from the amendment of sales promises and prices, improper provision of services, decrease in quality, delays in handing over the room, accidents, etc.

9. Filing complaints

9.1. Please note that it is unfortunately not possible for Estravel to process complaints that belong to the area of liability of the accommodation establishment and concern, inter alia, the provision of accommodation services and servicing in the accommodation establishment. In such cases Estravel can only give recommendations and provide contract details of the person who should be contacted about this kind of feedback. It is in the interest of the client that the client can directly communicate with the accommodation establishment only upon special agreement and upon paying the consultation fee pursuant to the actual amount of time spent. Estravel can in no case guarantee that a suitable solution is found for the client and the accommodation establishment responds by a certain term.

9.2. If the client knows that the accommodation establishment is not providing proper accommodation, catering or other services, the accommodation establishment must be immediately informed thereof and if no suitable solution is promptly found, the respective circumstance must be fixed in writing by the details and signatures of both parties. If the circumstance is not fixed, it is difficult to prove it later and due to that the client might not get the requested solution. If the abovementioned does not give the desired result, a complaint must be submitted pursuant to clause 8.2 of the Terms of Use of Website.

10. Client’s right of withdrawal

10.1. In accordance with the Law of Obligations Act, it is not permitted to withdraw from contracts entered into for the provision of accommodation or catering services and services related to leisure activities since the provision of the service by a certain date or within a certain term has been determined in the contract or the entry into a contract means the reservation of certain resources for which it is difficult to find a new user upon withdrawal.

10.2. Consumers must take into account the fact that, upon purchasing aforementioned services both with the help of means of communication as well as from a travel agency, the consumers have no right to annul and/or return the plane ticket without charge within 14 days regardless of the reasons therefor.

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