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Terms and conditions of sales of hotels

Hotel classification or stars

The hotel classification system is different in various countries and regions. Different names are used to mark hotels of the same level in different countries. Hotels are evaluated on the basis of the number, size and sanitary condition of rooms, and the quantity of services offered by the hotel.

However, the level of hotels in the same category may also vary greatly in different countries. For example, a three-star hotel in Paris or London may not have a traditional lobby, there may be no lift in a multi-storey building, the rooms may be small and threadbare and there may be no minibar or TV. In Scandinavia, however, a three-star hotel would have all of the above.

Check-in and check-out

As a rule, hotels provide the room to the client (check-in) between 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm. If you know that you will arrive at your hotel after 6.00 pm, you must inform your travel consultant of this, who in turn will inform the hotel. Otherwise, the hotel will regard this as a no-show, annul the reservation and send you an invoice for a fine. Check-out takes place from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm, depending on the hotel. Late check-out is subject to vacancy, and may also be subject to an additional charge.

Problems in a hotel

We advise you to contact reception immediately in the event of any problems. This is the way to solve many situations quickly and easily. However, compensating for a dripping tap or noisy neighbours after the fact is impossible. You must always call the emergency number on the voucher in the event of major problems (i.e. the hotel cannot find your reservation). All calls are logged and are very important if a complaint needs to be resolved later.

Complaints procedure

A passenger has the right to file a complaint about accommodation they have used within two weeks of the final date of accommodation. Estravel may refuse to accept complaints that are filed later. Any monetary claims associated with a complaint must be proven with cost documents. Estravel only accepts complaints that are filed in writing.

Credit card as guarantee

Hotels demand a credit card as a guarantee (or a cash deposit if the client does not have a credit card). The primary purpose of this is to cover expenses such as the minibar or pay TV channels. The hotel may book a certain amount on the card which is then released after you check out.

Hotels in the USA and Canada

As a rule, a twin room (a room for two persons with two separate beds) cannot be booked in advance in the United States or Canada. Single rooms in the United States and Canada usually have one bed, and rooms for two persons have either one large bed (double room) or two separate beds (twin room), but the exact number of beds cannot be booked in advance. Rooms for three or four persons usually have two double beds, not three or four single beds.

Changing and cancelling accommodation

All changes and cancellations concerning hotel accommodation that are made before or during your travels must be made via Estravel and are subject to time restrictions. Changes and cancellations made directly at the hotel may lead to problems and do not form a basis for compensation claims.
Please have a look also Estravel`s service charges and booking fees.

Right of Withdrawal of Consumers

Pursuant to the Law of Obligations Act, withdrawal from contracts entered into by means of communication for the provision of accommodation, catering industry or recreational services is not permitted as the contracts prescribe the provision of specific services by a certain date or during a certain period of time, or entry into the contract implies the reservation of certain resources whereas finding a new user therefor is complicated upon withdrawal.
Consumers must consider that upon the purchase of the aforesaid services by means of communication or at an Estravel Travel Agency they will not be entitled to cancel a confirmed booking free of charge within 14 days regardless of the reason therefor.