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Terms and Condition of Sale of Flight Tickets

In the event of a contradiction between the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and the Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Service Provider (incl. the Terms and Conditions of Sale of Flight Tickets), the latter shall prevail.

In the event of a contradiction between these Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Service Provider (incl. the Terms and Conditions of Sale of Airline Tickets) and the price rules of the Service Provider, the latter shall apply.

1. General Provisions

1.1. The http://lennupiletid.estravel.ee website allows for comparing travel services provided by airlines, i.e. the availability of vacant seats, connections, departure and arrival times, prices and additional services as well as make bookings and purchase travel services (incl. tickets) twenty-four hours a day.

1.2. Upon using the website, the customer must make travel service enquiries, bookings, payments and take other steps in accordance with the terms of use of the website and the terms of sale of flight tickets on http://lennupiletid.estravel.ee website.

2. General Instructions

2.1. If the customer is certain that their travel plans do not change, the customer can purchase the cheapest ticket that is not subject to change. If the customer’s travel plans may change, Estravel advises buying a ticket that may be changed and cancelled.

2.2. The terms of changing and cancelling a ticket depend on the time of making the reservation and the price range of the ticket (economy/business class). More detailed information is available in the ‘Fare rules’ window of the shopping cart. A lower-price ticket cannot usually be changed or cancelled. The changing of the name of the passenger is usually prohibited or allowed for an additional fee. The airline may change the prices and rules without advance notice.

2.3. Depending on the weather conditions, technical or other reasons, flights are delayed or cancelled from time to time and therefore the departure and arrival times given on the ticket and in the itinerary are approximate and subject to change.

2.4. The customer must make their travel plans with sufficient time to spare so that possible changes in the departure times of flights would not ruin the entire itinerary or the expectations of the trip.

2.5. In the event of a delay or cancellation, the airline is not liable towards the passenger for costs relating to the use or non-use of third party services. The possible damage caused by arriving at the destination late or by the cancellation of a trip will not be compensated.

2.6. If the airline has decided to delay or cancel the departure, the airline whose flight has been purchased must be contacted directly for the purpose of more detailed information. Airlines inform their passengers about cancelled departures and offer alternatives. Therefore it is important to indicate the correct mobile phone number and e-mail address of the contact person when placing an order.

3. Buying a Ticket

3.1. Upon buying a ticket, the customer must follow the instructions of the website. The website contains links that the customer can click on to access the respective terms and detailed information. It is prohibited to insert false information, make double bookings or otherwise misuse the website.

3.2. The terms of use of tickets purchased via the website (changes, cancellation, stops, etc.) depend on the rules of the chosen fare price and airline. Before buying a ticket, the customer must examine the fare price and the rules of the airline made available by Estravel. By paying for a ticket, the customer warrants and represents that they have accessed all the terms and conditions and rules made available by Estravel and the airline via the website and accepts them.

3.3. The customer will verify the correctness of the inserted data (personal data, flight dates, times, luggage) and bear the risk of possible damage arising from their mistakes. In the event of giving false data, the airline has the right to charge additional fees or refuse to provide the travel service.

4. Booking and Flight Tickets

4.1. A booking made by a Client means the reservation of seats in the booking system on behalf of the passenger(s) entered in the system by the Client. A booking grants the Client the preferential right to purchase the chosen tickets within a limited period of time, provided that other factors remain the same.

4.2. A booking does not lead to any direct financial obligations for the Client or the airline or guarantee the time, prices or pricing rules of the flight or the availability of seats. Airlines are entitled to change or cancel bookings with tickets that have not been purchased at their own discretion without any obligations being created thereby for Estravel as regards the Client. Based on necessity, airlines may also demand that tickets be purchased before the time provided in the rules for the respective price.

4.3. Tickets that have been booked at a discount must generally be purchased within a limited period of time based on the rules accompanying the specific price. The cheaper the ticket, the more likely it is that the ticket must be purchased immediately or within a very short period of time after booking. It is always recommended to purchase a flight ticket on the same day as making the booking in order to avoid potential changes in price. There are also airlines and prices that render the booking of seats impossible, with the only way to get the ticket being to purchase it immediately.

4.4. Bookings where tickets are not purchased by the deadline become invalid. If the Client still wishes to purchase a ticket for the same flight after the deadline for purchase has passed, a new booking must be made according to the available seats and prices at the time of the new booking.

4.5. The issued flight ticket serves as a contract between the airline (the transport operator) and the Client (the passenger). The contract enters into force as of the issuing of the ticket and the airline thereby undertakes to transport the passenger via the route indicated on the ticket.

4.6. More detailed conditions of ticket use (changes, cancellation, stopover options, etc.) depend on the rules of the chosen airline..

4.7. Only the person in whose name the ticket is issued can use the purchased flight ticket.

5. Connecting Flights

5.1. Flights must be used in the order indicated on the ticket. If the passenger fails to appear at the booked flight, the airline may cancel all further flights of the ticket. The interruption of the trip and the receipt of checked-in luggage in the transit city may not be permitted pursuant to the flight rules and in the event of such a wish the airline may charge an additional fee, if necessary.

5.2. It is more secure for the customer to buy one ticket for different flights, not use separate tickets. If the airline does not allow for buying one ticket, plan the connecting flights with a lot of time to spare. Given possible delays, leave a window of at least 3-4 hours between flights. The airline is responsible for carrying the passenger to the destination within the limits of one passenger carriage contract (ticket). In the event the passenger misses a connecting flight due to the cancellation or delay of a flight, the airline must offer alternative connections in the framework of the route given on the ticket or refund the ticket price. The airline does not have such an obligation regarding separate tickets. In the event of delays or cancellations, the airline is not responsible for the connecting flight on a separate ticket.

5.3. The liability of the airline does not extend to events where a flight takes place as planned, but the passenger still misses the connecting flight (e.g. due to the minimum time in between flights or due to queues in security or passport checks). If the flight takes place as planned, the passenger is responsible for reaching the connecting flight. To minimise risks, we advise choosing such connections that leave a much longer period in between flights than the permitted minimum times.

5.4. Flights on One Ticket
5.4.1. Estravel sells tickets to connecting flights based on information on the minimum connection times available in the booking systems. If the flights are on the same ticket, the airline whose flight deviates from the schedule will be responsible for carrying the passenger to the final destination in the event of a delay or cancellation. Further transportation may take place using some other mode of transport: there are no specific time limits and the airline does not have to compensate for additional expenses (hotel, meals).
5.4.2. Airlines allow for selling tickets to connecting flights if the minimum times between flight segments are followed. Leaving the minimum connection time between two flight segments is possible, but very risky. Estravel advises buying a ticket with sufficient time for connecting to another flight segment, given the luggage check-in and queues.

5.5. Flights on Separate Tickets
5.5.1. Buying and using separate tickets in the framework of the same trip may be less expensive, allow for combining airlines that do not have mutual agreements for formalising flight segments on the same ticket or for staying for a longer time in the transit cities where the connections on the ticket do not allow for making stops.
5.5.2. In the event of separate tickets, the airline is liable for possible changes of schedule, delays or flight cancellations within the framework of a single ticket. Reaching the next flight segment or another connecting transport connection is the liability of the passenger, regardless of whether the previous flight arrived on time or not.
5.5.3. If the customer has purchased separate tickets for consecutive flights, the required minimum connection times do not apply and each consecutive flight segment is considered a new trip and the required time of reaching the airport is observed (three hours before departure).
5.5.4. If the customer has purchased separate tickets to connecting flights and fails to check in due to any impediment, the liability for continuing the trip will lie entirely with the passenger. In such an event the passenger must buy a new ticket to continue the trip or travel back to the point of departure.
5.5.5. Travel interruption insurance, which can be purchased separately, helps further alleviate risks related to using separate tickets..

6. Check-in

6.1. The passenger must appear at the starting point of a flight on time. If the passenger fails to reach the starting point of a flight on time, the airline may cancel the flight that the passenger was late for as well as cancel any other following flight segments.

6.2. Unless indicated otherwise, the starting point of a flight is the check-in counter of their airline in the department of departing flights in the airport.

6.3. The passenger is required to check in and appear at the gate of the departing flight on time. A late passenger is not checked in.

6.4. Some airlines charge a fee for a check-in and allow for a free check-in only online. Estravel advises checking in online not later than on the day preceding the date of the first flight segment. Airlines may charge an additional fee for registration for a flight at the airport and/or issuing a boarding pass.

6.5. Depending on the airport and the airline, the registration for a flight will be terminated usually 30-120 minutes before departure. Given the time spent in various queues, the passenger must arrive at the airport approx. three hours before the departure indicated on the ticket. This time may be reduced by checking in online or using more expensive flight classes.

6.6. The boarding pass obtained upon checking in indicates the time by which the passenger must be at the gate of the departing flight. This time may be well before the departing time of the respective flight. Please note that the departure times, gates and even airport terminals may be operatively changed and the passenger must keep themselves informed via the airport information screens or announcements.

6.7. The airline has the right to charge additional fees for desired seats, check-in, luggage or other additional services. The size of additional fees is determined by the airline.

7. Luggage

7.1. Upon booking a ticket, the customer must make certain whether the fare price is inclusive of luggage and which luggage weight and size is permitted. The terms, permitted weight and measurements of hand luggage and check-in luggage are indicated on the airline website and respective information can also be obtained by calling Estravel’s customer hotline. If the customer cannot get the respective information via the website of the airline, Estravel’s customer hotline must be contacted about it.

7.2. The permitted weight and measurements of hand luggage and check-in luggage depend on various aspects, notably the class of the ticket and the airline.

7.3. Special requirements have been established for non-standard luggage (e.g. sports equipment, musical instruments, pets etc) and usually such luggage is not included in the luggage limit. Non-standard luggage is carried for an additional fee.

7.4. In the event of multiple-segment flights, the luggage is checked in usually until the final destination, unless indicated otherwise. Even if it is indicated that the luggage was checked in until the final destination, it is wise to verify it at transit airports. This recommendation applies especially to non-standard luggage. Therefore, enough time must be spared for checking out luggage and handing it over to the next airline, if necessary. The interruption of the trip in a transit city is usually not possible and in such an event the passenger will not receive their luggage and the airline may charge additional fees at its own discretion.

7.5. We advise taking more valuable items (cash, jewellery, electronics, etc.) with you as hand luggage. Hand luggage must not contain forbidden items such as liquids exceeding the limit, flammables, sharp objects, etc. For further information on prohibited and permitted items, see the website of the airline. If the customer cannot get the respective information via the website of the airline, Estravel’s customer hotline must be contacted about it.

8. On-board Service and Possible Additional Services

8.1. On-board service and additional amenities depend on the concept of the specific airline and the service class used. Depending on the airline, some services such as seat selection, on-board meals (incl. special meals), the use of an entertainment system, etc. may be included in the ticket price or be available for an additional fee.

8.2. Estravel is not liable for the on-board service quality of an airline. Please give such feedback directly to the customer service of the respective airline. Amenities offered by airlines are different and even different within the same airline, depending on the route, aircraft type and service class.

8.3. Additional services are not part of the carriage contract and are not guaranteed. If necessary, the airline has the right to replace, for instance, a booked seat or a special meal. If the customer paid for the respective service, the fee will be refunded, but the customer will not have a ground for withdrawal from the entire contract or be entitled to a refund of the fare price. In the event of cancellation of a ticket at the request of the passenger, the airline does not usually allow for a refund of advance payment made for possible additional services.

9. Flight Plan, Delays, Cancellations

9.1. The customer is required to check the flight times well before the departure of the flight at www.checkmytrip.com.

9.2. The customer must make their travel plans with sufficient time to spare so that possible changes in the departure of flights would not ruin their expectations of the trip. Air travel is highly dependent on various conditions and since the security of passengers is always primary, delays and cancellations cannot always be avoided.

9.3. If the passenger is late for a flight due to reasons attributable to the passenger, the airline will no longer be required to perform the concluded passenger carriage contract and usually has the right to keep the paid fare price. Thus, the passenger must buy a new ticket to continue the journey.

9.4. The airline may change the flight schedules agreed in passenger carriage contracts and cancel flights by informing the customer thereof at least two weeks in advance. Due to circumstances that the airline cannot affect (e.g. strikes, bankruptcies, natural disasters, wars etc.), schedules may be changed by giving shorter advance notice thereof. This applies only to tickets issued.

9.5. If the reason for cancelling a flight is not the insolvency of the airline, the airline will offer the passenger holding a ticket for the cancelled flight either a refund of the fare price or an alternative connection to the destination without an additional fee. In the event of a change of the flight schedule, the passenger has the right to a refund of the ticket price if the time of reaching the destination will change considerably as a result thereof or if the connection to a connecting flight on the same ticket is lost. If the reason for the cancellation of a flight is the insolvency of the airline, any existing tickets become invalid, the cost of the tickets may not be refunded in full and disposal of affairs with the bankruptcy estate can be an extremely lengthy process.

9.6. If the airline informs Estravel about changes in the flight schedule or about cancelling a flight, Estravel will do its best to inform the passenger about changes in the flight schedule or about the cancellation.

10. Changing a Ticket

10.1. Changing a ticket may be subject to additional fees. Usually, discount tickets cannot be changed.

10.2. Information about the possibilities of changing the ticket is displayed in the online store.

10.3. Changing the passenger name is a special type of change that may not be possible for tickets that otherwise allow changes to be made. If one ticket includes flights with different airlines, changing the name on the ticket may be technically impossible for a single passenger. In the case of name changes for family-related reasons, we recommend purchasing a ticket immediately using the new name or holding off the exchange of documents until the end of the trip.

10.4. To change a ticket, send your request to online@estravel.ee. The changing of a ticket is subject to a service fee see the price list.

11. Cancellation of a Ticket

11.1. The conditions of cancelling a ticket may be different. Usually, the fee for the ticket is not refunded in the event of cancelling discount tickets.

11.2. Information about the possibilities of cancelling the ticket is displayed in the e-store.

11.3. To cancel a ticket, send your request to online@estravel.ee. The cancelling of a ticket is subject to a service fee see the price list.

12. Travel Documents

12.1. Estravel and the airline assume that all passengers, including children, are in possession the due and proper travel documents that are required to enter the destination and transit countries (visa, passport, identity card, etc.). The citizens of different states may be subject to different requirements for visas and other travel documents. Estonian citizens can get further information on travel documents and entry to foreign countries on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at www.vm.ee.

12.2. Before buying a ticket, the passenger must examine the health protection requirements of the country of destination or transit countries, especially when travelling to more remote and exotic countries. In certain events, vaccination must be commenced well before entering a country. Information on risk areas of infectious diseases and vaccination requirements and recommendations is available at www.tervisekaitse.ee

12.3. The mediation of visas is offered separately by Estravel for a separate fee that is in no event included in the ticket price and for which a separate order must be placed with Estravel.

12.4. Estravel asks that the requirements for travel documents, visas, vaccination and customs rules be verified before buying a ticket and that the validity of the travel documents be verified as well. Upon travelling with check-in luggage, the passenger may need to exit the airport security zone in some events for the purpose of registering the luggage for the connecting flight. This may mean the need for a visa even if the passenger flies onwards right away.

12.5. Estravel or the airline is not responsible if the passenger carriage contract is not performed due to a deficiency of a travel document or an act of state authorities.

13. Protection of Passenger Rights

13.1. The flight departure and arrival times indicated on the ticket and in the travel plan are approximate and do not form a part of the carriage contract. Due to the weather conditions, technical or other reasons, flight delays or cancellations may occur. If the starting and end point of a flight is located in the European Union or the flight is operated by an airline registered in the European Union, the rights of passengers and the obligations of airlines in the event of delays or cancellations are regulated by Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council on passenger rights. The full text of the Regulation is available here.

13.2. If the flight is overbooked, airlines may not allow a passenger whose seat has been confirmed to board the plane even if the passenger has registered for the flight and reached the gate on time. In such an event the passenger will be entitled to monetary compensation, rebooking as well as assistance by the airline within the European Union (if necessary, meals, accommodation, free use of telecommunications). For further information see the aforementioned EC Regulation No 261/2004.

13.3. Disabled persons or persons with limited mobility must inform Estravel or the airline about their special needs at the time of placing the order or provision of the passenger carriage service, provided that the need is known at the time. Estravel is required to accept the information and forward it to the airline immediately.

14. Jurisdiction

14.1. The contract between Estravel and the customer regarding the use of the website is governed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the competent court is the Harju Court of First Instance.

14.2. The passenger carriage contract between the customer and the airline is governed by the law of the country specified in the conditions of the airline or international law.

15. Liability

15.1. The airline is liable for pre-contractual information, the validity of possible sales promises and due performance of the passenger carriage contract.

15.2. The airline is liable if its acts or omissions caused the death, physical injury or health damage of the customer aboard a plane or upon boarding or disembarking.

15.3. The airline is liable for damage caused by the destruction, loss or damage of checked-in luggage if the accident that caused the destruction, loss or damage of the checked-in luggage occurred in the plane or at any other time during which the airline was liable for the checked-in luggage. The airline is not liable for such checked-in luggage that was damaged already due to previous defects or for items whose carriage is prohibited under carriage rules.

15.4. The liability of the airline and the extent thereof in the event of the death or health damage of the passenger as well as for the non-preservation of goods and belatedness of a means of transport is provided for in the Montreal Convention and in Regulation No 889/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 May 2002 amending Council Regulation (EC) No 2027/1997 on air carrier liability in the event of accidents.

15.5. The owner of hand luggage is liable for its security, unless the luggage is handed over to the airline or if the damage was caused by the fault of the airline, its employee or an authorised person.

15.6. If the airline admits that checked-in luggage is lost or will not be delivered within 21 days as of the date when the luggage was supposed to be delivered, the passenger will have the right to demand that the airline compensate for the value of the lost luggage in accordance with the conditions provided for in the Montreal Convention.

15.7. The airline must, as soon as possible, but not later than within two months after receiving a complaint, give the passenger a written reply.

15.8. If the customer or passenger causes damage to the airline by damaging the furnishings or the interior of a plane, the customer or passenger will be liable for the damage caused.

15.9. Airlines reserve the right to refuse to service a passenger and/or customer and cancel a ticket if the behaviour of the passenger and/or the customer is inappropriate or illegal or if it poses a threat to other passengers or their property. In such an event, the passenger and/or customer who purchased a ticket does not have the right to a refund for the services used or to other compensation. If the airline or Estravel has to incur additional expenses in the event of the inappropriate or illegal behaviour of a customer and/or passenger, the customer and/or the passenger must compensate the airline and/or Estravel for the respective expenses.

15.10. Estravel is not liable for the performance of the obligations of the airline under a passenger carriage contract or for the carrier’s sales promises or for provision of the carrier’s services. Estravel is also not liable if the airline withdraws from its sales promise or changes the ticket price during booking a flight or purchasing a ticket. Similarly to the aforementioned, Estravel is not liable also if the airline decides to suspend or stop ticket sales or service provision without any advance notice.

15.11. Estravel is not a party to a passenger carriage contract and will not compensate the customer for any damage arising from, among other things, changes in the sales promise and prices, a decrease of the service quality, a delay of the departure or arrival of a flight, the interruption or cancellation of a flight, the loss of luggage, accident, etc.

16. Filing of Complaints

16.1. Please note that Estravel cannot substantively handle complaints that are in the field of responsibility of the airline and concern not only the implementation of passenger carriage, on-board service, at the airport or in the terminal, luggage handling, and the acts of a security company or representatives of state authorities. In such events Estravel can merely make recommendations along with the contact details of the person whom to address with such feedback. The direct communication with the airline in the interests of the customer is possible only by special agreement and in the event of payment of the consultation fee specified in the price list based on the actual time spent. In no event can we guarantee the attainment of a solution suitable for the customer or the receipt of a reply from the airline for any specific deadline.

16.2. If the customer finds that a travel service does not meet the established terms, the airline must be informed thereof immediately on the spot. If no solution is found on the spot, a written complaint must be filed on the event as soon as possible, but not later than within seven (7) days after returning from the plane trip, but not later than within two (2) weeks after learning of the event. A written complaint must be filed against the airline and sent to the airline’s mail or e-mail address. Evidence of the non-compliance of the travel service and documents of additional expenses and damage caused must be added to the complaint. A complaint not filed within the prescribed term is deemed as expired.

17. Right of Withdrawal of Consumers

17.1. Pursuant to the Law of Obligations Act, withdrawal from contracts entered into by means of communications for the provision of passenger transport services is not permitted as the contracts prescribe the provision of specific services by a certain date or during a certain period of time, or entry into the contract implies the booking of certain resources, whereas finding a new user therefor is complicated upon withdrawal.

17.2. Consumers must consider that upon the purchase of a flight ticket by means of communications or at an Estravel Travel Agency they are not entitled to cancel and/or return the flight ticket free of charge within 14 days regardless of the reason therefor.

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